Wavenis gateway used by m2ocity

The management of more than 100,000 water meters using a proprietary protocol



In 2011, Orange and Veolia created a joint company, m2ocity, in order to provide a telecommunication service dedicated to connected objects. Applying end-to-end management of this new low-bandwidth and long-range infrastructure, m2ocity collects and feeds back the consumption data and alerts from the communicating equipments, particularly the meters.

m2ocity has made a reputation for itself in the improvement of public water network services (billing, meter reading and control of consumption, detection of leaks and anomalies).

With its unique position on the market, m2ocity has been chosen by Veolia and SEDIF (Ile de France Water Syndicate) to manage the entire remote meter reading service for 570,000 water meters in 149 municipalities of the Ile de France region.

To successfully provide this service, m2ocity had to equip the collective habitat (social housing organisations, condominiums) with a data collection and transmission solution that enabled the individual water subscriptions of each residence to be taken into account.



Given the number of water meters and daily data to be recorded and managed, m2ocity had very precise specifications to meet.

In the words of Charles-Alexandre Concédieu, Multi- Fluids Project Manager at m2ocity, «the main constraint of the project with SEDIF was that more than 100,000 of the water meters to be managed already used the Wavenis protocol.

Consequently, we had to collect the information via a concentrator compatible with this protocol and with a mode for inputting data to our information system that met our constraints».

Webdyn was in the process of finalising the WebdynRF gateway when m2ocity made its request. Consequently, m2ocity wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and test the product using the agile method and indicate improvements to be brought in with the first deployment.

In any case, for Charles-Alexandre Concédieu, «taking into account the need for massive deployment and a tailored solution for SEDIF, we had to select a partner whose product would be robust and reliable. Our choice therefore naturally turned to Webdyn».

Since that project, m2ocity regularly makes massive deployments of WebdynRF gateways.



Webdyn adapted some of the functions of its gateway – now standard features – to meet the needs of m2ocity. «Webdyn is a player that has always accepted a challenge, and which always pushes its developments and its knowhow to new limits to adapt to our requirements. It has always risen to the challenge», says Charles-Alexandre Concédieu.

m2ocity had to rapidly equip more than 100,000 water meters using the Wavenis radio frequency protocol. «The massive and rapid deployment of the WebdynRF gateways enabled us to put our supplier to the test. Today we can say that Webdyn meets the delivery deadlines, even when they are very tight, and this is vital for us who have to meet our commitments to our customer» points out Charles- Alexandre Concédieu.

Webdyn attaches great importance to the standard of its customer support. To ensure this, for each project the company assigns a chief point of contact who is perfectly versed in the needs and particularities of the companies under his/ her charge. This often saves valuable time for the teams on the ground.

«We appreciate the fact that the support and commercial departments have always answered promptly and there is a true service commitment that keeps its promises» states Charles-Alexandre Concédieu.

«The robustness of the WebdynRF gateway and the absence of major system failures are particularly appreciated because this is an absolute necessity for m2ocity, which is currently in a highly sustained phase of development» explains Charles-Alexandre Concédieu.