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Smart Metering

Collection and analysis of multi-fluid meters. Concentrators and EndPoints dedicated to collecting data from all types of meters. They make it possible to trace all availabale data on the counter interface (index, power, tariff, …) to a remote information system..

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Control of energy production and consumption. Gateways and EndPoints to aggregate on the same equipment all data from environmental sensors (temperature, hygrometry, irradiation, …), production or consumption meters and central equipment (inverters, air conditioning system, …. ). The objective is the analysis of all business data and environment of an energy system.

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Monitoring and remote management of industrial equipment. Gateways communicating industrial equipment, often heterogeneous and non-communicating natively, whether based on standard or proprietary protocols. Two-way communication is thus made possible between these devices and the information system.

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Rail and road transport. Recommended in constrained environments, these gateways allow an aggregation of internal data for location, movement, operation, … and bidirectional communication between the vehicle and the information system.

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