Energy data collection – Ubigreen

Uniformly process the informations collected from distributed and heterogeneous sites



Created in 2012, Ubigreen is a leader in the energy and environmental performance of buildings and equipment for industry, the tertiary market and local authorities.

Ubigreen’s services, ranging from auditing and consultancy to software monitoring solutions, aim at optimising the real-time management of energy consumption to make short-term savings and reduce the environmental footprint of organisations.

Ubigreen controls several hundred buildings and has several tens of thousands of measuring points under its control. The company has more particularly made a name for itself in the management of complex assets spread over numerous heterogeneous sites both nationally and internationally, both existing and planned.

Wishing to offer a personalised monitoring service tailored to the needs of each customer, Ubigreen had to rely on trusted partners for the hardware components, notably for collecting the measurements.



When selecting the hardware component suppliers, Ubigreen conducted a study of the main concentrator suppliers, but also listened carefully to the feedback from its customers who had their own data concentrator suppliers.

The constraints for Ubigreen consisted in the very large quantity of field data to collect and the heterogeneity of the projects.

«We were looking for a supplier capable of accompanying us on the majority of the projects, and Webdyn won us over with its appropriately flexible system and the innate flexibility of its product ranges. Webdyn also convinced us through its receptiveness and responsiveness to the market needs, as well as by its ability to respond to specific projects.

Through its understanding of our needs, Webdyn helped make our relationship evolve more towards a partnership than a customer/supplier situation, and that is what we were looking for» explains Pierre-Olivier Bessol, Founding Chairman of Ubigreen.

At the end of a period of assessment, Ubigreen judged that the WebdynRF gateway was perfectly suited to its needs.



Since its creation, Ubigreen has been collaborating with Webdyn and integrates the WebdynRF, WebdynTIC and WebdynPulse gateways in its solutions in order to propose them natively and thereby adapt to a maximum number of distributed and heterogeneous assets.

«The main qualities of the WebdynRF gateway are its capacity to adapt to all types of contexts, and its openness, which enables all types of protocols to be accepted. We can thus uniformly process all the collected information», explains Pierre-Olivier Bessol.

As the sites equipped by Ubigreen are located both in France and internationally, it is an absolute necessity for the Webdyn gateways to be reliable and able to be remotely controlled. This is very important for the company, given the geographic dispersal of the installed sites, as it enables it to save a large number of costly and time-consuming maintenance trips.

As Pierre-Olivier Bessol points out, «the responsiveness and the commitment to keeping the client informed that Webdyn displays are also of prime importance given the level of demand of our customers and our commitments to them».

Among the many projects carried out by Ubigreen, we can mention the equipping of the real-estate properties of the Société Générale bank with WebdynRF gateways to feed back the remote readings via Modbus and Wireless M-bus.

At present more than 50,000 measurement readings are taken per day via the deployed WebdynRF gateways.